What is Slurm and who is allowed to use it

Slurm is a so called Batch System. That means you submit tasks (jobs) to Slurm and it will make sure that these tasks get done und one or more remote machines according to predefined rules.

Slurm can be used by all students and faculty members of the Institut. No further registration is required.

There are no restrictions on when jobs can be submited or which machines can be choosen to execute the job. Keep in mind that Slurm will start no jobs on machines with a logged in local user and jobs running on a machine where a local user logs in will be suspended until the user logs out again.

How does Slurm work

Is there a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Yes. The command sview opens the GUI for Slurm. The command smap is not a GUI but offers a good text based interface for Slurm.

Which machines are connected

All machines in the student computer pools of the Institute with the exception of the clients in Deneb/Terminus are connected to Slurm.

What limits are there

Currently the only limit is 15 running jobs per user.

How to submit a job

There are two ways to submit a job to Slurm. You can do it with the cli commands srun/sbatch or via the GUI smap.

You should use a shell script to set required parameters in both cases.

Slurm supports heterogenous jobs. Alas these jobs can only be suspended and resumed as a pack. We therefore strongly discourage the use of this job type because they have a massive disadvantage in job execution.

How can you modify a submited job.

Properties of submited jobs can be viewes with the command squeue/sview .

You can remove a job with scancel. Further information: “man scancel”

What do I do in case of errors


What kind of jobs is Slurm suited for

How to submit a Blender-Job


Comman-Line-Interface command overview

See “man -k slurm” and “man slurm”.


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