Secure Shell (ssh)



SSH stands for secure shell and provides an encrypted connection to the computers of the university. With it you can initiate a console session secured against eavesdropping to our computers from anywhere in the world. Additionally SSH not only securely encrypts the datastream but also compresses it.

Users who have not used before need to enable their SSH access through the CipConf form (Remote Enabler). The server pool constituting is meant only for simple interactive console sessions. Long running and/or resourceintensive processes are forbidden on these machines and will be terminated without warning. For such jobs connect to a normal CIP-Pool computer via SSH.

Two things need to be considered with this service. Firstly the SSH Servers follow our normal once weekly reboot cycle. A session does not survive a reboot. Secondly several servers hide behind the DNS name New sessions are assigned to a random server.

Please do not use the real names of the servers for connections if you do not need to resume a suspended session because the load balancing provided by the random allocation of sessions to servers is essential for a continous opperation of this service.

SSH clients are provided by all major opperating systems (Linux, Windows 10, MacOs).