We will be changing the SLURM patitions due to the Hardware Upgrades of the rooms. There will be only 3 types of hardware configuration after the upgrades are finshed:

  • Old HW in Luna: Core i7, 64GB RAM and Nvidia 1050 TI
  • New HW in Gobi: Core i9, 64GB RAM and Nvidia 2060 Super
  • New HW other: Core i9, 64GB RAM and AMD Radeon RX 5500

Therefore only the following partitions will exist after the upgrades:

  • All: same as now. For jobs not requiring specific hardware.
  • NvidiaAll: for jobs requiring NVIDIA CUDA but not a specific NVIDA card.
  • Nvidia2060: self explanatory
  • Nvidia1050: self explanatory
  • AMD: self explanatory

The partitions currently named after rooms will be phased out as the upgrades progress.