What is Zulip?

Zulip is an open source chat software. The communication is organized thematically in streams. Users can independently create streams or subscribe to streams of their interest. A distinction is made between public and private streams. Any user can join a public stream. To join a private stream you need an invitation from a member of the stream.

Server of the Institut für Informatik

We now provide a Zulip installation for students and staff of the Institute of Computer Science. You can reach it at (chat.ifi.lmu.de).

It is possible to use the web client, which is directly accessible via the link, or alternatively a desktop client, which is available for many platforms. There are also mobile clients for Android and iOS in the respective stores.

Logging in is done via the CIP account without the “@cip.ifi.lmu.de”. If you have no CIP account yet, you can create one with the LMU account on CipConf.

Staff of the IFI institute can use their IFI Mail account instead of the CIP account.

“Forgot your password”, “Sign up” at login dialog

These functions are without effect.

Mail messaging for Zulip messages

For this possibility please contact the RBG.

RBG Support via Zulip

It is possible to submit support requests via Zulip. Since not all employees are always online, it is important that these requests are addressed to all RBG members to ensure that they are processed promptly. To do this, simply select new private messages under “Private Messages” and choose the group “RBG IfI” as the recipient.

Rules for stream names