Gitlab -

To access gitlab you need to visit CipConf and access the Point “Gitlab Kennung anlegen”. ATTENTION: You must use your Cip account to login in at CipConf to get the gitlab access.

The account information will be sent to the CIP eMail address. If a problem arises with reading these informations please use our webmail service on

Further tips can be found here.

Old Gitlab -

On April 1st 2019 we will release a new and up to date Gitlab version under No new accounts will be created for the old version under This version will be shut down at the end of 2019.

The users can easily transfer their projects on their own. The repository (commits, branches etc.) and the wiki of a project can be transfered without losses. Sadly issues can not be exported from the old Gitlab version. If you need to transfer issues you have to recreate them manually in the new project.

Groups will be transfered by the RBG once the group owner has created an account on the new Gitlab.

How to transfer projects:
To be done only once:

  1. Create new login for the new gitlab.
    1. Add SSH Key. We strongly recommend the usage of SSH Keys because they make Git access faster, more comfortable and more secure than https access.

To be done for each project:

  1. Create new appropriately named empty project in the new Gitlab..
  2. Run the following commands on a CIP-Pool PC if you have configured SSH access:

     git clone --mirror --bare<username>/<projectname>.git
     cd <projectname>.git
     git push --mirror<username>/<projectname>.git
     cd ..
     rm -rf <projectname>.git
  3. If the project has a Wiki you can transfer it with the following commands:

     git clone --mirror --bare<username>/<projectname>.wiki.git
     cd <projectname>.wiki.git
     git push --mirror<username>/<projectname>.wiki.git
     cd ..
     rm -rf <projectname>.wiki.git
  4. If you only use https access you need to construct the URLs the following way:

  5. The owner of the project needs to re-add users once they have created a login for the new Gitlab.
  6. To switch a locally cloned project from the old gitlab to the new one use the following commands:

     cd <projekt>
     git remote rename origin old-origin
     git remote add origin<username>/<projectname>.git
     git remote remove old-origin
     git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/master master